Q:   When is the best time to start pruning my trees and shrubs?

A:     After a harsh winter we recommend having patience in your pruning. With longer exposure to frigid weather, plants will remain dormant for a prolonged amount of time. Any early or preemptive pruning may cause damage to your plants.

Q:   When is the best time to cut back my perennials and ornamental grasses?

A:     Now. The best time to cut back perennials and ornamental grasses is generally in early to mid-March.

Q:   How can I tell if any of my trees have undergone serious winter damage?

A:     There are various ways to tell if a plant has undergone winter/frost damage. Among these are frost cracking, sun scalding, and bud immaturity. As winter damage is sometimes difficult to detect early on, let your trained professionals at LTD Landscapes analyze and suggest a course of action.

Q:   When is the best time to clean out my flower beds?

A:     Now. The best time to clean out beds is generally early to mid-March.

Q:   I want to change my landscapes image this year, but don't know where to start. What do I do?

A:     Call us! We have a detail- oriented team of designers that are more than willing to help you with your ideas for your new design.

Q:   When is the best time to plant annuals?

A:     Annual seeds can be started indoors in early March and planted after the last frost. Generally, after Mother's Day is the best time to plant annuals outdoors. However, pansies are a hearty annual that can be planted before the last frost.

Q:   Does LTD Landscapes offer warranties for the work you do?

A:     Yes we do. We offer a one time warranty for all plant material if they fail to survive the first year after planting.

Q:   Does LTD Landscapes offer free estimates? Do you charge for landscape design?

A:     We offer free consultation and estimates for any maintenance work. We also provide design consultation for any installation at no charge.

Q:   I already have a landscape plan in mind. Do I have to use your plan?

A:     You do not have to use our plan. We can bid directly from your design.